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SunValley High School
9171 Telfair Ave
Sun Valley Ca 91352
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A Look Inside Directions

Draw a quadrilateral on 1 sheet of drawing paper.  It may be any size or shape you choose.  If this quadrilateral represented a window to your life, what would we see?  Draw a representational design of your life, your essence, your dreams, and your soul in this quadrilateral.  No words/letters.  Include representational images.  Art must include color. 

Then, write a short essay describing your image on a separate sheet of paper.  Discuss the elements in your image and why you chose to include them.  Discuss why you chose the shape of your quadrilateral and how it relates to your life.  Your essay should be at least 3 paragraphs long. It must have an introductory and conclusion paragraph.  Your ideas should be precise and clear.  This will be the first submission of your portfolio.



Studio Art > A Look Inside

Click on images to see a better resolution. Remember all work has copyright protection so DONOT download or print images without written permission.


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