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Industry Collaboration

klcsOn 9/26/2012 Students visited KLCS. This was an exciting job shadowing experience.Students were invitedafter submitting a letter of intent along with their online portfolio to work along side staff and crew of KLCS in Los Angeles Ca. The entire even was very informative. Technology was everywhere! Students began the tour by attending the morning focus meeting. Students learned through observation how every aspect of a network station works. During lunch, students were able to compare camera technology through hands on experience. It was interesting to see how digital technology has changed the filmmaking process. Sun Valley High School felt welcome by the Staff of KLCS. Not only are we big fans of KLCS content, but now we see how the KLCS staff diligently works, even with massive budget cuts to "Make it Happen!"Students now understand the necessary skills and education needed to obtain these careers in the television production industry.

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vifVFI presents Billy Luther. Award winning documentary filmmaker Billy Luther visits the Sun Valley High School filmmaking students on Monday September 15th, 2014. Billy Luther will share his experiences when he created Miss Navajo (2007) and Grab (2011).  Miss Navajo is a 2007 independent documentary film directed by Billy Luther. It tells the story of a 21-year-old Navajo woman, Crystal Frazier, who decides to compete in a beauty pageant for the title of Miss Navajo for 2005-2006.  Grab is an intimate portrait of the little-documented Grab Day in the villages of the Laguna Pueblo tribe, who annually throw water and food items from the rooftop of a home to people standing below. A community-wide prayer of abundance, thanks, and renewal, Grab Day exists at the intersection of traditional Native and contemporary Western cultures. Luther's film follows three families as they prepare for the annual event, chronicling their lives leading up to this day.

VFI presents David Decrane, September 2nd, 2014. David Decrane is an excecutive producer at Reel One Entertainment. He spoke with Filmmaking 1 students as they begin their journey into screenwriting helping students discover idea while giving an overview of the entire filmmaking process. David shared his personal experiences in the industrying giving insight to following your passion always. Thank you Mr Decrane.

VFI presents professional Photographer Raphye Alexius on December 12, 2013. Raphye will share her journey and wonderful artistic creations with students. To view Mrs. Alexius body of work, visit raphyephoto.com

Voices from the Industry presents Syvel Sanford on May 3rd, 2013 from New Era Production who donated time to coaching our students in our upcoming film Zara's Journey. Thank you very much.

Voices from the Industry presents Craig Ross Jr. April 18, 2013. Mr. Ross coached students on cinematography and directing. Thank you for your donation of time, talent, and wisdom.

On 9/27 we continued our Voices from the Industry with William L. Johnson of Blue Hill Avenue, Doing Hard Time, and The Mannsfield 12. Mr. Johnson shared with us the short Move starring Mr Johnson and Coolio. This short gave us a look at race relations throughout the years parallelling the same event with one commonality. MOVE was a Showtime Black Filmmaker's Showcase 2003 finalist. Mr. Johnson shared how hard work, dedication, and focusing on your craft is extremely important when wishing to work in the industry. Click here for more from our visit with Mr. Johnson.

On 9/24/2012 we began our kick off of Voices from the Industry with the talented and brilliant Sharif Atkins. Sharif Atkins can be currently seen on White Collar televsion show on the USA network as Clifton Jones. He was a series regular on ER, Hawaii, the 4400, and Eve. For a more detailed list of Sharif's credits, visit his IMDB page. After watching his amazing reel, Sharif shared many experiences with students from his beginnings in the industry to his goals and dreams. Click here for more from our visit from Mr. Atkins.


CAA In Spring 2012, David Bugliari from Creative Artists Agency visited Sun Valley High School via PillarLA collaboration. David shared his story from his first day at CAA to his current position at CAA. He informed students of the hard work, dedication, persistance, and preparedness that is needed in any industry especially the entertinmnet industry. We also got a chance to hear of some of the top names that are signed to CAA. STudents were able to ask focused questions and receive inside industry information.

In late Spring 2012, film students visited CAA agency in West Hollywood to be shadow agents throughout the day, screen a blockbuster film, participate in a q& a session with agents and have lunch. This was very informational. Students received information regarding internships that are available to graduating seniors on their way to the University. We are very thankful for this collaboration and look forward to many more. (Spring 2012)



Instructors through the Writers Guild Foundation (WGF) visited SVHS students for a 4-week session teaching reading and writing through the art of screenwriting. Through screenwriting, students were able to analyze, reflect upon, and improve their literacy and writing skills. After creating imaginative, emotional, and exciting scripts, students were rewarded with watching their scripts come alive through theperformance of professional actors on stage.

This is a beneficial seminar for every student. Kudos to the instructors Ms. Giles and Mr. Rappaport for engaging students with positivity and motivating students to the extent where every single student submitted a completed script.

Scholarships were awarded to April Robledo and Rebecca Deras for their successful scripts. For more information regarding this program, please visit their website www.WGFoundation.org. (Fall 2011)

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