Fulton College Preparatory School
6th-12th Grade
7477 Kester Ave
Van Nuys, CA 91405
(818) 947-2100
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All students have signed an LAUSD Image release and AUP each year they are in the Media Arts program and for each project they complete for Festivals or show.

Visit Student Exemplary Portfolios from 2011-2012

Jessica A. - Junior
Rebecca - Junior
Lorena- Junior
Christian- Junior
Alysia- Senior
Kathy- Senior
Jason- Senior
Jessica- Sophomore
Jorge- Sophomore

Student Final Short Films

Disclaimer: Student films are 100% student work. The events depicted in this movie are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental. The views expressed in the film(s) are solely that of the filmmakers and do not necessarily reflect the views of the LAUSD or Sun Valley H.S., or SVHS Fine Arts Dept.

Senior Short Film Project 2012

Junior Short Film Project 2012