Fulton College Preparatory School
6th-12th Grade
7477 Kester Ave
Van Nuys, CA 91405
(818) 947-2100
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Studio Art

Studio Art is not apart of the AME Academy, however many students take these courses either their freshman year or senior year. I teach Introduction to Art where students learn the Elements and Principles of Art through exploration, discovery, hands on work, research, and in few cases, tutorials. I do not believe in I do we do or copy someone elses techniques. I am a strong believer of creating your own style and drawing what your eyes see from real life.

Many students in Introduction to Art are not artists and therefore are encouraged to explore their more artistic side even if it is not a traditional point of view of what art should "look like". Students are encouraged to try no matter what they feel that they can not do. Students are also immersed in the connections between mathematics and art involving Geometry and Algebra.

First semester students learn about line, texture, value, and color. Students explore pencil, charcoal, and watercolor. They learn watercolor washes and incorporate collage in their mixed media designs.

Second semseter, students learn about form, pattern, space, and volume. Students continue with watercolor paint and are introduced to painting with Acrylics. Students also create tesselations(pattern), perspective drawings, collage, and scultpure.

Student Work

A Look Inside

Value Drawings

Gesture and Contour


Water Color

Self Portrait in Watercolor

Still Life in Tempera and or Watercolor

Tesselations in Watercolor

3pt Fantasy Perspective Environments

3d Sculpture